Billy Kwong at Carriage Works

Billy Kwong at Carriage Works

Integrity. That’s what we take to the grave, I reckon. And that’s how I responded when Gayle Quarmby of Reedy Creek, South Australia shared “I just want to go to bed each night knowing I haven’t hurt anyone.”

Kylie Kwong at Carriage Works

There is a whole other story she shared that evening as one of the carefully chosen suppliers of Kylie Kwong. Gayle shared some of her story with all of the dining community that evening, but sitting next to her, I heard a longer story, filled with cuddles and tears. And was privileged to do so. Of her dad mentoring artist Albert Namatjira. Of collecting bush tucker with indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory as a kid. Of starting life again in later adulthood in South Australia. Of the nursery, her backyard as she calls it, which started from nothing, and grew only with friends, Outback Pride.

Integrity was a lovely topic for dinner discussion, and appropriate. Because, for those of you who know her, or have met her, you’ll know that Kylie Kwong is all about integrity. She is so much more than the sum of her parts, which include not only Chef, restaurateur, author and TV personality, but also a harmonious spiritual soul who has met the Dalai Lama, gets up at 4am each Saturday to cook at Eveleigh Market, and is the Carriageworks ambassador.

We were greeted at the door by Carriageworks Director, Lisa Havilah. We, means some industry luminaries, such as Christine Manfield, Joanna Savill, Pat Nourse. Then, we got started with a few glasses of sparkling rose on arrival, poured by guest Sommelier Giorgio De Maria of 121BC. Followed by a private tour of Christian Boltanski’s Chance.

Such good fellowship sharing good food, at such a special event:

Billy Kwong Chinese New Year at Carriageworks.

The menu included the insects for which Kylie Kwong is known. But, think about it. The real story is about so much more:

Local food, small food chain, sustainability, bush tucker. AND of course Kylie Kwong’s food is all about FLAVOUR.

Article by Rebecca Varidel, photos by Kurt Huth

This review was originally published at Inside Cuisine on 11 April 2014 written by Rebecca Varidel

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